Places where you can thrive

Whether your interest is a greenfield site or the opportunity to repurpose an existing facility, you’ll find a wide variety of structures and building sites with the resources you need. Batesville has available buildings for industrial, office, commercial and retail uses. Facilities are fully served with infrastructure and ready for your business. We can accommodate your needs for a greenfield building site as well with options that include land along I-74 that has the State of
Indiana’s “Shovel Ready” designation, streamlining the process of getting started.Many of the available sites are close to our downtown area, putting you and your employees within walking distance of shopping, restaurants, and beautiful residential
neighborhoods. Minimal commutes and very little traffic also contribute to a delightful quality of life.Any site you select will also give you excellent access to both state highways and Interstate 74, the backbone connecting Cincinnati and Indianapolis. From Batesville, highway shipments are within a day’s drive of nearly two-thirds of the nation’s population.

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